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3-Phase line impedance R/L simulator

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    Hello folks,

    We are looking to perform some tests with our system that is connected to 380VAC mains and draws up to 150KW of power.

    We want to be able to simulate different line impedance (R & L) to test our power supplies in low/bad line conditions. A few R and L values would suffice. (can be static or dynamic line changes).

    Has anyone played with such a device/instrument before? Could you direct me where we could purchase such a device? We could always derate the operating power to 75KW in case 150KW is not available...

    Of course we could always build one using hi-pwr resistors and chokes and/or auto-transformers but if something off the shelf exists , we would rather go this route.

    Thanks in advance.
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    There are load banks available for testing generators - they can be rented. Some are inductive only ( just for current) and some restive, I do not know about being fully adjustable as you are looking for. Keep in mind - 150KW of resistive load will generate 150KW of HEAT....that's a lot of heat
    I am assuming this is for one time testing, for continual use, you can look at a Grid Tie Inverter, as used in solar or large UPS units - you can then pump the energy back to the grid - but the engineering of this would only be worth it for long term.
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    Thanks Windadct for your quick response.

    Yes indeed, this is a lot of heat!! We do have special ventilation to handle those systems. As I said, we can test with less power if we have no choice but worst case (150KW) would be nice. I will try talking to our power utility cie and see if they could help...

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