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3 ways of transient processes, in LRC circuits

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    For those that were with me at signals, I passed the exam, but barley. 10,5 points out 20. Going to cancel that exam and do it again when I have the chance.

    But anyway, back to the topic.

    I am trying to get the intuition for transient processes in RLC circuits. I was taught that 3 exist, each of them represented by different solutions from differential equation.

    When I connected an oscilloscope in National instruments, to a RLC circuit, when I turned on the circuit, I saw the transient process. It was like magic to me.

    Can anybody give me good parameters, or a guide so I can see all 3 transient processes in the same circuit but with various values for RLC?

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    The circuit's damping factor


    will determine the RLC circuit's step response. I don't know what component values you have lying around, but use what you've got to and solve for the critical damped case (ζ = 1), underdamped case (ζ < 1) and overdamped case (ζ > 1)?
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    I wanted nice values in relation to frequency, because, oscillations and transients are not very easy to spot at 50kHz.

    Guess I will figure them out of that formula, thanks.
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