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316L SS suitable for chlorinated water?

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    Hey all, I'm looking to find information on material to use for a tank containing chlorinated water at 5ppm concentration. I was wondering if 304SS or 316L SS would be suitable or if we would have to use some other form of Stainless Steel. All that I have read shows 316 as being more corrosion resistance but does not give any specific measurements.

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    I know that on a lot of the water service pumps we see at my job, we usually use bronze impellers, bushings, etc., so that is one consideration. But as far as I can tell, yes, 316 should be fine.
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    We use 316 for offshore (seawater) stuff, it's about the most resistant regular stainless steel.
    If this isn't good enough you have to get pretty exotic
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    Thanks for all of the replies, after looking on the internet a bit more it looks like 5ppm is the max that 316L is withstand constant exposure to.

    Thanks Again
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