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360 Degree rotating mains plug socket?

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    I am wondering if anyone can provide a solution to a problem I have come across at work. I have a 360 rotating platform for photography being installed in a couple of weeks and need to a solution to providing power to the objects I put on it. To give you a bigger picture we photograph furniture and over 50% of the products need mains power to operate a function. The camera takes over 40 shots as the object rotates giving a full 360 image, this means i would have to unplug the power several times each shot to make sure the wire is out of sight. What i need is a plug socket built into the floor in the center of the platform which could spin and not tangle the wires underneath. Does such a product exists and if so what is it called?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question so sorry if i have wasted your time, I just can't find anything online to help.

    Thank you
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    What's the model number for the one that rotates?

    As long as you limit the rotation to a single 360 degree spin (and then spin it backwards to 0 degrees), you should be able to just use a length of heavy duty extension cord coiled under the table...

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    Use a coiled extension cord (similar to a telephone handset cable) and you will get several rotations of useful travel. Resetting the table would then be simply a matter of unplugging the coiled part and letting it spring back to shape.

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    It is H05RR-F 3G1,5.
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    This isn't very industrial strength. I wouldn't trust it to last for very long, but it will handle repeated 360 degree rotations.
    I had one belkin strip that used something like this and it went bad just sitting there.


    This is a professional industrial solution, some are rated to 1200 rpm, 30 amp

    Those two should give you more stuff to look for. Just google "rotating mains plug" or "rotating electrical connector" and look at the images.
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    The problem with all of the above is that they may have to be located on the axis of rotation of the turntable. That may not be possible depending on the design of the turntable. Does it have a hollow central shaft? A large ring bearing?

    Some sort of slip ring as mentioned by Baluncore is the best way to go if the turntable will allow.
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