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4 Be 9 plus 2 He 3 Fusion

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    If a stable He 3 particle [PNP] hits a stable Be 9 isotope, would not three stable alpha (He-4) be the most commonly predicted byproducts of this fusion reaction, resulting with two alpha with high energy, the third with lower energy ?

    If not, what more common byproducts are predicted from this fusion reaction. Thanks to anyone for explanation.
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    I have no idea of the different reaction cross sections (not my area of knowledge), but my first guess would be carbon 12 plus gammas as the most likely. Have you ruled this out by some chain of reasoning?
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    To PAllen: Thank you for reply. No, I have not ruled out C-12 + gamma. I wonder if reaction cross section data exist for the reaction I presented ? Would you know a general reference that would list such experimental data ?
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    Here's a relevant link, where the end products in the study are either three alphas or two lithium-6's.
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    Here is a link that includes data on Be-9 + He-3 -> B-11 + p


    and for Be-9 + He-3 -> C-11 + n


    I am beginning to suspect that fusion producing only gamma is very unlikely.

    Wait! It does occur:


    And another on the reaction you asked about:

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    To Bill K & PAllen: Thank you very much. More reaction possibilities than I at first expected.

    Very interesting that two possibilities result in stable clusters (1) three alpha clusters or (2) two Li-6 clusters, both being possible internal nucleon configurations that would yield stable C-12 isotope. Next I need to work on determining which of all the reported reaction possibilities has highest expectation to occur.
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