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4+d maze game

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    Hey everybody,

    So I just finished the first version of a personal project I've been working on. This is a simple program that enables you to explore a maze that consists of more than 2 dimensions(to a maximum of 8) in 3d space.

    It's a simple creature that I'm not sure anyone would really be interested in playing, but if you are you can check it out at the following address.

    Commentary and/or feedback is appreciated,
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    Cool! How do you handle 4 to 8 dimensions in a 3D world?

    Like, if you turn right 4 times do you not end up back where you started?
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    Sadly no. That is in fact the original way it was attempted, but the program just wouldn't work. Instead it displays only 3 of the available dimensions at a time, and allows you to swap out what ones are visible at any given moment.
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    You can't have more than three dimensions in 3D space. That "D" in 3D stands for "dimensions."
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    -_- I realise that. The maze is abstracted to fit in our world. I meant as opposed to moving in a 2d maze like those in a newspaper and most maze programs.
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    So how can you have up to 8 dimensions in 3D space?
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    See reply to 'DaveC426913' :D

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    There is a video explaining the concept.
    Your view is always limited to a 3D hyperplane aligned to three spatial dimensions of the maze, which is then projected on the 2D screen. You can choose the view.
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