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I 500cc 50hp electric motor swap

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    Hi, I own a 1993 ex500 with that is having engine problems, I would like to swap the motor for one that is has more or equal power. The best specs I can come up with are these the motor puts on the rear wheel, HP 50, Torque 31 ft-lbs, top speed 130mph, I am looking into getting a DC-liquid cooled motor.
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    What is your requirement for range? 50 HP will drain an extra large car battery in just about one minute. But if your goal is to drag race for 1/4 mile, that's no problem.

    What other electric motorcycles have you seen? How many HP? How big are the batteries?
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    I am looking it
    Well maybe I could get away with a 15 or 20kw motor I'd be happy if it went 90 tops. I plan for a 100 mile range. Something like this http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/motenergy-1302-water-cooled-brushless.html
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