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60hz AC device in a 50hz country

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    I've heard that frequency differences can cause the motor to rotate 17% slower than it normally would... UNLESS it is a universal motor.

    The device in question is listed as running on a universal motor, but is also listed as AC / 60hz only.

    Does this still apply?

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    The main problem might be that most 50 Hz countries also use 230 -250 Volts. So, if the 60 Hz tool is built for 110 volts, it could run VERY fast and then not work at all.

    Devices that use series wound DC motors on AC will work at 50 Hz or 60 Hz although some electric drills use a speed control that only works on AC. This depends on inbuilt capacitors that mean it may not work properly on the wrong frequency.

    Devices that use power transformers may run hot on a lower frequency because the transformer will have less reactance at the lower frequency.
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    Hi tman-
    A universal motor's impedance is partially resistance and partially inductance. For a fixed RMS voltage, a universal motor will run faster on 50 Hz than 60 Hz.
    Bob S
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