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Dear All,

In talking about taking electrical equipment to Japan, we were wondering about the effect that the supply frequency might have on the output of the equipment’s power supply. We have tested it in the UK as far as we can.

The power supply, being powered at 100v through a transformer, which is connected to a 240 vac 50 hz supply, delivers 18 vdc via it’s own internal transformer. If that same power supply is connected to a 100v 60hz supply, would there be any effect on the output voltage?

In summary:
UK - 240 vac, 50 hz --> xformer (100 vac, 50 hz) --> psu --> 18 vdc
Japan - 100 vac, 60 hz ------------------------------> psu --> ?? vdc

Any ideas?




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Dave - there will be a substantial effect on the power supply. You are not only changing the frequency, but also the voltage, either of which will have a pronounced effect.

You need a power supply that can adapt to those varying conditions or a power supply specific to each country's electrical specifications. Isn't travel abroad fun? :smile:

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