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A batter hits a baseball motion and velocity problem

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    A batter hits a baseball at a speed of 35 m/s?
    and an angle of 65 degrees above the horizontal. At the same instant, an outfielder 70 m away begins running away form the batter in the line of the ball's flight, hoping to catch it. How fast must he outfielder run to catch the ball? ignore air resistance, and assume the fielder catches the ball at the same height at which it left that bat.

    i used the formula y = (Vo*sin(theta))t - (1/2)gt^2 and found t = 6.47 s
    using Xf=Xo + Voxt i found Xf = 95.69m. this is the distance of the bal's flight. therfore the fiedier must run 95.69 - 70 = 25.69 meters to the ball. and i am stuck after this.
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    You have calculated how far away the fielder has to go, and also the time the ball will be there. From that you can work out how fast he needs to run!
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    dont give me TOO much advice
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