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A busy 24 hrs with earthquakes

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    The Loyalty Isl. E of New Caledonia has seen an ongoing burst of activity starting with a M 6.8 yesterday


    followed by a bunch of M5 + aftershocks, the latest being a M 6.1 about an hour ago at the time of writing this


    there was also a M 6.3 in the nthrn Banda Sea, Indonesia


    171031-1101  UT M  7 x events vzhi.gif

    2017-10 to 11 Loyalty Isl events.jpg

    20171031 M6.3 nthrn Banda Sea loc map.JPG

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    Dave, please tell the ground to stop shaking. It's considered extremely rude.
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    it wont listen to me :frown:

    there's yet another aftershock coming in as I type this ... a M 6.6 Loyalty Isl, New Caledonia

    live seismo here..... ( 5 minute updates)

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    A song for the occasion sung by Harry Belefonte

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    haha good one :smile:
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    I am sure Dave will have his graphs detecting the quake.
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