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A gentle textbook of complex analysis?

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    Is there a gentle textbook of complex analysis? Something equivalent to Larson's Calculus (or Stewart's). I have Schaum's Outline of Complex Variables (Spiegel-Lipschutz), and it's not bad.
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    Look for an engineering complex analysis book, or perhaps even the complex analysis sections of Boas. Though I doubt the Stewart of complex analysis exists.
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    Kreyszig's seems good for reference, but not for learning the topics.
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    Thank you, Calculus with Complex Numbers, by Reade, is what I was needing!
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    For a couple of free resources, check out the book by Nearing which has a chapter on complex numbers and a chapter on basic "complex calculus"


    Also look at the bottom of that page for the link to the applied math book by Sean Mauch - it has a few nice chapters on complex variables with solved examples, nice graphs, etc.

    For textbooks, I recommend Saff and Snider. I like the book, and if you look at the authors comments, they write, "we have modeled the text after standard calculus books, both in level of exposition and layout .." Look in your library to see if it is what you are looking for. If you buy it get a used copy of the 2nd edition for cheap:

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