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A Korean died after playing games 50 hours

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    Recently, a authority claims, a Korean boy played online games in net cafe 50 hours continuously, soon he wanted to go to toilet, then he died on the floor because of heart disease. The doctor thinks, he was to tire because of playing games, so his heart stopped function.
    Many old news again proved that, long time playing games would cause death.

    Luckyly I don't prefer to play games. I ever heard my friends liking to play online games during sleeping time, they often play games 12 hours or more a day.
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    I think he had some type of precondition. Your heart doesn't stop because you played for too many hours.
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    But many former similar news and samples said that, many gamers died in net cafe. They had the same feature, they long time played games. Many people trust that they were died in playing games.
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    Perhaps it was a blood clot that formed in the legs, dislodged and went to the persons heart. I'm not a doctor so I have no idea.
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    50 hours continuously? :bugeye: I think this person had mental illness! You can't say a person who plays 50 hours continuously is normal.
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    50 hours? Bah, noobies... :wink:
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    You can die from sleep deprivation, but I've stayed up longer than 50 hours several times. One site reports 264 hours for humans before death from sleep deprivation.
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    "The 28-year-old man collapsed after playing the game Starcraft[....]"

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    When I started playing "Halo 1" on the xbox, I went for about 32 hours.

    It didn't kill me. But the topic of sleep depravation has been studied.
    Beyond 40 or so hours you run the risk of permanent brain damage.

    This happened to a NYC DJ in a famous case where he went for about a
    week without sleep. It permamnently altered his personality and somewhat
    ruined his life.
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    i sleep at 8 at night and get up at 10 in the morning. :zzz:
    thats only in vaccations
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    hehe maybe his brain wavefuntion finally matched the resonance frequency causing Na influx into myocardium and a ventricular fibrillation :biggrin:

    OMG! NOO!! 667th post!!#@$!! :cry:

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    they need to research on a pressure chamber like when your coming from space or from submarines....cuz game playign can get very intense and be at a high emotional state and if your playign for 50 hours in fps' or rts tahts alot..its like if someone ran for 50 hours.
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    Do you have any references to support these claims? I'm interested, but skeptical.
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    maybe the constant caffeine or coffee accelerated his pre-existing heart condition
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    The wikipedia article doesn't mention any specific instances, but does state that after several weeks (not days) of sleep deprivation, permanant personality changes are possible.


    Edit: Like the ability to spell simple words for instance.
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