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A point between 2 magnets, what remains constant at that point?

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    a fixed spacial point between 2 fixed magnets. if I place different blocks of material on that point, is the H that will remain the same? or is it the B? or just the MMF (magnetic motive force), while B and H will always change depend on the material placed?

    the same question for E, D, and EMF between 2 fixed charges.

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    I am sorry, I don't understand, was the question itself too naive? but I m just asking for a "yes" or "no" really. I was trying to understand the medium independent, fundamental driven force of E or M field.
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    Meir Achuz

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    It depends on the shape and orientation of the material.
    Usually, both B and H will change in the vicinity of the material.
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    And, both B and H will change at the point of interest INSIDE of the material as well right? The same applies for E and D too right?

    So, none of B or H or E or D are "fundamental qualities". Only the EMF and MMF are. Meaning: only MMF ( N*i) is the fundamental "driver", while B and H will vary with the properties of different materials.

    I was looking at a solenoid with an iron core inside. the iron core has an air gap inside. once the MMF was turned on, a constant flux will flow thru the core and air gap (ignore fringing), so B's are the same for air gap and core but H's are different.
    I am guessing some similar situations would apply for E and D as well. D will remain the same thru out different materials but E actually varies.
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