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A problem with coding in 8085 microprocessor

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    After i had studied and implemented codes to perform basic arithematic operations, factorial of a number, look-up tables, i got stuck at a pretty silly problem, while coding with the 80085 simulator:

    MVI A,000H
    STA 0001H
    MVI A,0001H
    STA 0002H
    LXI H,0001H
    MOV A,M
    LXI B,0002H
    STAX B
    This piece of code is supposed to load the value 01H in the memory location 0002H. But it doesno't go as i expected. Where is the error with my logic.
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    Assuming that you have RAM at memory address 0000...?, then that program should store zero at both address 0000 and 0001, though it's a convoluted way of doing it. What are you actually trying to achieve?

    Basically your program does the following
    - stores 00 at location 0001
    - stores 01 at location 0002
    - transfers the contents of 0001 to 0002
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