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A question in flipping a number

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    i was told to build a program that transforms a number from deximal basis
    into binary basis

    i have built it but i get the resolt reversed
    for the number 4 i get 001 instead of 100
    i know it happening because the last digit comes last

    how to change this method so it will show me the right resolt??

    Code (Text):

    public class binar {

         * @param args
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        public static void binary(int n){
    public static void binar(int n,String str){
        if (n==0){

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    That's pretty inefficient there!

    In any case, your problem is that str is the end of your string, not the start. Reverse the order that you're appending them.
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    how can i reverse the order??
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    Look at the last line of your code (other than the two }s), it should be pretty obvious. You're sticking it on the wrong end.
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    If you use Java, you can just use its built-in function to do so:
    Code (Text):

    int fromBase = 10;
    int toBase = 2;

    Integer.toString (Integer.parseInt (args [0], fromBase), toBase);
    Next, you can just run your program conveniently like:
    Code (Text):

    java BaseNToMConverter 82733
    Best regards,
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