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A sad day

  1. May 31, 2005 #1
    http://msnbc.msn.com/id/7896073/ [Broken]

    Today I went to a tree planting in honor of these students, sponsored by all the other teams in the event. About 20 people from MSU came. A few of them will spend the night with me. The accident happened a few weeks back, there past the state of shock, and now the reality is setting in.
    Its left me feeling very sad, that such bright lights are now gone.
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    My condolensces to you, your colleagues, faculty and students at MSU, and the families of the students.

    *Hugs hypatia*

    Very sad indeed. :frown:
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    Very sorry to hear that, Hypatia. Anyone's death is a sad occurrence, but it seems particularly tragic when it's someone with so much to offer and so much to celebrate. My condolences to all involved.
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    Very sad indeed. My heart goes out to you and everyone involved.
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    Thanks for the mental hugs, I really needed them.
    My son was on one of the Michigan teams, {I know the amount of work that goes into one of these events} and had a few friends on the MSU team. Several are still in the hospital, so my son did a video up-link so they could watch as well.
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    wow that's terrible

    sorry to hear that :frown:
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    The blame was placed on the trailer they were using to tow the vehicle for the Formula SAE competition. The driver wasn't trained in how to get the trailer out of an oscillating mode. It took them right into the ditch and on the other side.

    I always wonder how an accident can happen when I see the words "crossed the median into oncoming traffic" or the like.
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    Shet, Formula Student guys.

    I'll give my mate a heads up, he's supposed to be towing our Formula Student car to London this weekend to get it hooked up with an exhaust.

    I never like road accident news :frown:
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    My heart goes out to your family and your son's school friends, Hypatia. I will remain hopeful that the kids and families find some way to bring something positive out of this tragedy.

    As scientists, we will no doubt miss their expected contributions.
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