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A Simple Question

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    I am researching virtual energy.

    Before the integrated circuit there where vacuum tubes.

    My question is what was the primary purpose of the vacuum tube?

    Was it just to prevent the elements in the tubes from self destruction?

    Dr. Thomas Henry Moray of Salt Lake City Utah claimed he had a device that could extract energy useful electrical energy from the "dissociation of matter". High wattage can be drawn into the device by utilizing a radiant energy type tube to make the air molecules around it electrically semiconductive. Nikola Tesla used x-ray tubes to accomplish this to a limited degree. Supposedly T. H. Moray accomplished this with his unique radiant energy tubes and was able to extract many kilowatts of power.

    Is radiant energy the same as virtual energy?

    I just wonder if the abundence of EM energy we put in the atmosphere could be collected and converted into usefull work energy. Could someone tell me if that is posible?
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    From the following article:

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    Thank You for the reply.
    Very usefull.
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