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A Thank You to the Helpers at PF

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    I've posted a handful of threads lately, and haven't really followed up on the them. I feel bad, but I got a bit lazy and occupied with exams. I intend to reply to those posts soon, but in the mean time I felt like creating this thread to recognize the selfless individuals in here. Frankly the educational system I only recently graduated from was filled with incompetent and lazy teachers. I assumed the entire educational system was filled with those types of individuals. Boy was I wrong. To come on here and see highly educated individuals, who surly have busy lives, selflessly helping is just amazing. The manner in which help is provided is also great. At first I was piqued with the system of receiving help, but I realized that those helping were concerned with the student understanding the material and not just getting answers.

    So to all of you helpers, mentors, and whatevers thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help others. If you've been helped on PF why don't you take a minute to throw a thank you? Maybe even list specific names.
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    Interesting technique but titling the thread as "thankyou..." would have done the same. Either way nice sentiment, I agree that it is remarkable that so many people give their free time to help others to learn about science.

    As a reminder we've recently added a thankyou feature. If you see a post that has particularly helped you can click it (under the avatar) and send a personalised message of thanks in private to the poster.
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    While some of us will appreciate the humor. Its not a good idea to title things like this or play these kinds of jokes just to get a rise out of people. Jokes shouldn't hurt. No doubt you will attempt this in the future with disastrous results.

    Its like the April Fools joke one guy played on his fiance. He called and left a message to say we're breaking up and then left a second message saying April Fools. She had enough, brokeup anyway and got married to someone else.
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    About the April Fool's joke story, it seems like I heard that somewhere before ... OH! Wait! There, it's gone now.
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    I too would like to thank PF and the members for the help they have provided me for the last two years. The whole credit for my decent marks go to PF. I would stand nowhere if PF wasn't there to help me out. Thanks a lot PF! I hope others too receive the quality help I have received so far and the community continues to grow. I don't have enough words to thank you all! I am glad that I found such a friendly place. :smile:
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    Google will take note of the title and downgrade PFs ranking, that's funny?
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    Good point! A references to this thread increase the ranking will change.

    Perhaps we should delete the thread.
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    I've edited the title and beginning of the first post.
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    Wow, you're fast! I hope the First Amendment people don't complain.
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    Looking around the office... don't see a First Amendment. I see a Second, Third and Fourth. Hmmm no First though. Maybe my cat ate it :D
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