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A way to plastically flip a circular polariser?

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    hi, i'm currently talking about light, and i'm trying to find out if there is a material or a method that can flip a polariser's polarisation...

    ie, if i apply a current, then this crystal changed from a clockwize polariser to an anti-clockwize polariser, and it is either a plastic or elastic flip

    because i'm currently looking at photonic computing, and i think i saw a paper on a similar topic before... (i forgot the stimuli of the flip , so it may be pressure, heat or loads of other stuff...

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    Do a search on Liquid Crystals and the Rotation of the Plane of Polarized Light. That is the technology behind LCDs (liquid crystal displays). :smile:
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    i face plamed myself for not able to recall this simple technology......


    BTW, is there a solid version of this?
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