What is Photonic: Definition and 67 Discussions

Photonics is the physical science and application of light (photon) generation, detection, and manipulation through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and sensing. Though covering all light's technical applications over the whole spectrum, most photonic applications are in the range of visible and near-infrared light. The term photonics developed as an outgrowth of the first practical semiconductor light emitters invented in the early 1960s and optical fibers developed in the 1970s.

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  1. U

    My fantasy story idea with photon particles

    I'm a fantasy writer and I am twisting and almost bending science in my story. I see no harm in it, and if you agree, I would like to ask for help. I'm writing a fantasy novel where the protagonist must battle an army of strange creatures. I say strange because these creatures are made of...
  2. U

    I What happens to photonic molecules?

    My source is below: https://scitechdaily.com/harvard-mit-scientists-create-never-seen-form-matter/ In short, using rubidium atoms, photon particles (as in laser form) are bound together to form a massless molecule.. or acting like a molecule, but with a bonding structure nonetheless. Here is...
  3. U

    Need help with a sci-fi idea - photonic man

    Summary:: I want to create a superhero made of photonic molecules. I was wondering if anyone would give me some scientific pointers/advice. My premise is that a brilliant quantum computer scientist finds a way to create programmable photon molecules. Since he can program the molecules to have...
  4. J

    Coupling of resonant modes in a 1D Photonic Crystal

    In 1D Photonic crystals, a defect can be introduced to create a defect/resonance mode and enable transmission. At first considerations, the thickness of the single defect layer determines the transmission frequency. Moreover, if it is a half-wavelength layer it will enable a resonance condition...
  5. N

    A living thing made of different photonic molecules?

    Can an AI one day create a living thing made of different photonic molecules? If it is remotely possible, I would like to know what kind of technological advancement had been made toward that. Thanks.
  6. Ramazan Duzgun

    Stopping Light in Air: Myth or Reality?

    is it possible, i mean can we hold it at a certain distance we want ?
  7. S

    Schools Suitable list of schools for an MS to apply for a PhD program in Optics

    Fifth Year BS-MS Student from one of the premier institutes in India CGPA: 8.1/10 GRE : 310/340 168Q 142V 4AWA TOEFL: 104/120 22R 27L 26S 29W I am applying for graduate schools in the following universities. Is the list sufficient? Any suggestion is most welcome. The list is not priority-wise...
  8. U

    Microwave Based Photonic Filters

    Hi ! I am actually seeking help regarding working principle of microwave based photonic filters from basics, I have tried a lot I did find allot of material but non of them were describing the basic working principle. Helping in this regard will be highly appreciable. Regards
  9. C

    I Can Electric Fields be Teleported & Entangled?

    If photons can be measured on quantum state levels then teleported and entangled, as done in photonic networking with NV centers, can entire electric fields also be measured, teleported, reconstructed and entangled as the ensembles of photons they are ?If so, can the electric fields of NEURONS...
  10. jk22

    Are there techniques for ternary photonic computer ?

    If instead of electrons, which are spin 1/2 particles, we could use photons, which are spin 1, could we use this fact to have a three valued logic (1,0,-1) ? How to store photons like in an electronic computer to build the memory ? Are there techniques that allow that ? Thanks.
  11. bob012345

    I Does the momentum of a photon change in a medium with varying speeds of light?

    For a highly relativistic rocket powered by an external laser such that the thrust is 2*Power/c, the efficiency is dismal at the start when v is low yet approaches 100% as v approaches c. I take efficiency to mean the ability to convert the energy of the beam into usable kinetic energy. Does the...
  12. P

    I Photonic crystal switch- directional couplers

    Im supposed to make model to demonstrate all-optical switching using a nonlinear effects of photonic crystals. And I will be using a directional coupler for this purpose. However I am having trouble in understanding the theory and concepts related to coupling / coupling length / use of...
  13. physics_hp

    Photonic crystals as metamaterials

    Why do some photonic crystals show metamaterial property?
  14. 1

    A way to plastically flip a circular polariser?

    hi, I'm currently talking about light, and I'm trying to find out if there is a material or a method that can flip a polariser's polarisation... ie, if i apply a current, then this crystal changed from a clockwize polariser to an anti-clockwize polariser, and it is either a plastic or elastic...
  15. Laplas

    Density of states of photonic crystal

    Hello! Does anybody know how to calculate the DOS as a function of Neff and λ/Λ? Thanks.
  16. Laplas

    Density of states, photonic crystal

    Hello! I know how to calculate band structure and density of states of photonic crystal (example is pic.1) Does anybody know how to plot such DOS maps? The second picture is from the article about photonic crystal fibers by Rodrigo Amezcua.
  17. J

    Photonic local density of states and field intensity

    Dear All: I'm very confusing with the relationship between photonic local density of states and the field intensity. In thermal equilibrium, the field intensity should be proportional to the photon's number (or squared) and also be proportional to the local density of states. We know that this...
  18. Shri13

    Photonic vacuum and atomic stability

    Hi friends, this is my third post of my curiosity. :woot: First of all a photonic vacuum (as defined by me) is a region of space where there doesn't exist any type of photons or EM radiations ( those too which are beyond the detection of our present tech... i.e. including each and every...
  19. Laplas

    DOS calculation in a photonic crystal

    I have calculated the band structure of an infinite photonic crystal structure by COMSOL. So, I have an array of meanings of K-vector and different values of frequency V. I need to calculate density of states (DOS). How can I calculate it? Thanks.
  20. Alexi-dono

    Creating a Language for an Optical Computing System

    lets say someone had an idea for a fully optical computer; that had a optical cubic processor, that refracted and reflected signals. into a optical "motherboard" (except it was not a flat board, more of a rectangle), how would one go about writing a language for such a thing (lets say a base 8...
  21. vtahmoorian

    Phenomena near the band edge of photonic crystals

    Hi everyone:) Is there anyone who has worked on the phenomena near the band edge of photonic crystals? for example spontaneous emission near the band edge? there are lots of articles specially from Sajeev John " spontaneous emission near the edge of a photonic band gap" Phys.Rev.A vol50 num 2...
  22. J

    Photonic density of state in matter

    I'm a beginner in quantum optics. I always become confusing when the material's refractive index is complex. This time is about the photonic density of states. We know that if the material is not absorbing or dissipative, meaning the refractive index is a real number, the local photonic density...
  23. K

    Photonic Devices - Bowing Parameters of Ternary Semiconductor Alloy

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Shown in question. The Attempt at a Solution So I was given this question for homework and I'm really not sure where to start. I'm not looking for somebody to do my homework for me, just somebody to point me in the right direction. The...
  24. S

    Optical Photonic Devices: Ring Resonator

    Hi there, I have been researching an optical Ring Resonator and have been given the following values: FSR=100GHz, Q=10000, Wavelength (λ)=1.55um (micro), ng=3.7 and neff=2.3. Using these values I was asked to calculate the k value (coupling coefficient), length of ring, length of the...
  25. J

    Use Green's Function calculate photonic density of state

    Hi Everyone: I think some of you who familiar with quantum-optics know that the local photonic density of state can be calculated by the imaginary part of electromagnetic Green's function. The Green's function can be further presented by the dipole's mode pattern as G =...
  26. C

    Bloch state + Photonic crystals master equation

    Hello all! I've been trying to go from the second to the third equation shown in the image. Here, \vec{H}(\vec{r})=e^{i\vec{k}\cdot\vec{r}}\vec{u}_\vec{k}(\vec{r}) is the Bloch state for some periodic dielectric arrangement. I have tried using the identity that...
  27. S

    Research in Photonic Crystals worth it?

    Hi I am doing my Masters by research in Photonic Crystals and I want to do a PhD later as I dream of an academic. I wanted to know to if the field of photonic crystals offers opportunities for growth in the future. Will this field be actively researched in the future? Thanks
  28. S

    Begineers' books on Photonic Stuctures/ Crystals

    Hi Can you recommend me a simple to begin with book on Photoinc Crystals. I did my undergrad in Electronics Engineering and don't have any knowledge of photonics. Thanks
  29. A

    The Potential of Photonic Crystals: Exploring Phonon Transport in 2014

    I wish you a happy new year 2014 full of discoveries, surprises, changes, laughter, smiles, giggles and tenderness Is if possible to Study the phonon transport in photonic crystals.
  30. Z

    Why can photonic crystals be used to create a super lens?

    Firstly, sorry if this doesn't go here please feel free to move it as I was a little confused where to put it. TL:DR Doing a project question interests me, "Why can photonic crystals be used to create a super lens?" Okay so I am doing an undergraduate project for my honours year that I...
  31. K

    Engineering Pros and cons of photonic and optical engineering

    I 'm thinking to study about photonic and optical science, I always like the property of light and I want to study at the university Arizona. I want to know what is the good and bad side of this career because I am deciding, am I choosing a right career? Thanks.
  32. K

    Transmission phase of finite 1D photonic crystal

    I use transfer matrix method. I try to plot the phase Φ(ω) versus frequency ω graph in the vicinity of a band gap. The transmission coefficient t(ω) is t(ω) = |t(ω)|*exp(i*Φ(ω)) from which I get the transmission phase Φ(ω) = atan(t_imaginary(ω)/t_real(ω)). Since I assume that -pi/2 ≦ Φ ≦...
  33. 1

    Photonic Properties Determining Charge

    Beforehand, please excuse my ignorance in this field, as I am only beginning to delve into its astounding depths. So, as I understand it, Photons are the force carrier particles (gauge bosons) for the electromagnetic interaction (electromagnetic force). This given, one could pretty much say...
  34. aphirst

    1D Finite Planar Photonic Structure - Transfer Matrix Method

    Homework Statement I'm implementing the transfer matrix method (manually) for an EM wave through a 1D layered structure. Basically I'm just considering a plane wave in the positive-x direction, conserving E and H across each material interface, and constructing interface matrices, the...
  35. R

    [SR] - Photonic Reference Frame

    Recently learned about Special Relativity, so my brain is running perpetual circles around itself asking questions. So, I figured I would come here and ask where could I find out more information about the Lorentz Factor being undefined at a luminal velocity? Or more basically, where do I...
  36. C

    Photon Speed when Bouncing off Moving Object

    Ok quick question if a photon of light bounced off of a spaceship (or anything really) that was traveling at light speed, would the photon double in speed? similar to if a tennis ball hits a racket that is stationary it will lose energy but if the racket is swung towards the ball it will rebound...
  37. dbmorpher

    Is there such a thing as a photonic boom?

    Hello I'm dbmorpher, We all know that if you travel at the speed of sound you achieve a sonic boom from the sound bouncing off the object. Since light behaves similarly to sound would there be such a thing as a "Photonic Boom"? If so is the reason physical beings cannot travel the speed of...
  38. D

    How to Define Lattice Properties for Octagonal PCF in OptiFDTD 8?

    Need on urgent basis as to design supercell lattice of pcf
  39. F

    Spontaneous emission in photonic crystals

    Hello forum, I have a question about photonic crystals. From Wikipedia: "photons (behaving as waves) propagate through this structure - or not - depending on their wavelength. Wavelengths of light that are allowed to travel are known as modes, and groups of allowed modes form bands...
  40. J

    Couple light into photonic crystal fiber

    I have one hollow core fiber, the core is around 20um, Numerical Aperture is 0.03. The spot size of Ti:Sapphire laser is around 2~2.5mm. So I used focal length 50mm. But only very few power can be achieved (6uw). I wonder the reason. Could someone please give me some suggestions?
  41. M

    Graphing - photonic Energy Vs Frequency

    Homework Statement "What is the relationship between the energy of a photon and its frequency" then "Qualitively graph photonic energy versus frequency. No values are required. The Slope does not need to be specific." Homework Equations we are given a graph with no values...
  42. D

    Your photonic rocket reaches planet A, 10 light-years away in 10 years.

    I've been posing this question to physicist folk for 10 years, mySpace 6 years ago, and here (don't know when, when I had an older account), and I see that others bring it up on occasion. I will refine it to meet current objections. You have a photonic drive spaceship. It has a (classical) mass...
  43. W

    Valence electrons and Photonic crystals

    Hello PF, I came across a fact that, tungsten, molybdenum and chromium all have 6 valence electrons. Now,if one uses Molybdenum and Chromium instead of tungsten in photonic crystals for TPV(Thermo PhotoVoltaics) does it mean: 1. All are capable of releasing equal number of photons...
  44. R

    How to convert photodiode voltage to any photonic unit

    How can I convert the voltge measured across a photodiode to light output or intensity or any other photonic unit? I am trying to measure the light intensity/output of some LEDs using a photodiode but the photodiode measures voltage as a function of light intensity.
  45. S

    Creating Photonic BEC: What Possibilities & Applications Arise?

    Researchers have for the first time managed to create a Bose-Einstein Condensate from photons: http://www.nature.com/news/2010/101124/full/news.2010.630.html What possibilities then arise from such a creation? What practical applications can be made from this work? I'd really like to know...
  46. G

    Photonic band gaps: Incomplete vs complete

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to learn more about photonic band gaps. The material I am looking at is an FCC crystal of spheres with an (111) surface, and this structure is theoretically predicted to display an incomplete band gap from the gamma to L points. (Please see attachment)...
  47. S

    Complete photonic view like the CMBR version

    Ignoring what we know. I was curious as to if anyone had overlayed all of the spectrum's of light on top of each other in a complete photonic view like the CMBR version, only with a much more varied scale, that being the entire light spectrum. And if so what did this produce? I only ask because...
  48. B

    MATLAB Solving Photonic Crystal Resonance Frequency with Matlab

    Hi, I research on photonic crystals.I want to compute resonance frequency for single cylinder scattering. I use the below expression : J'(nkr)H(kr)-J(nkr)H'(kr)=0 J:bessel and H:hankel function. but I can't achieve correct result by write program in Matlab for computing that. Can you help me ?
  49. DaTario

    Dispersion relation and Photonic Energy and Momentum Equations in QM

    Hi All, In quantum mechanics, related to photon, we have these two equations as valid ones: E = h x f p = h / lambda But we have in vacuum the dispersion relation c = lambda x f. 1) How these relations change when the dispersion relation change ? 2) Is it universally correct to...
  50. D

    Photonic Crystal Fibres and COMSOL

    Hello everyone, I am trying to understand COMSOL 3.5 and I am interested in Photonic crystal fibres and tapered optical fibres. First of all, could you please tell me what is the background of the layout? When you create a design/object, the rest area is air or I need to define another object as...