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About bode plot horizontal axis question

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    I have a question

    I'm wondering in bode plot

    we write the horizontal axis w rad/sec

    what does this mean???
    is it normal scale 0.1 0.2 0.3 .... etc with equal distances?? it's clear not because it's drwan on semilog paper

    if it's the horizontal log w

    why then we write 0.1 ,0.2 ,,1 , 10... etc?
    we should then write the logaritmic value corresponding -1 ,0 , 1 ....

    what's the horizontal axis?

    * if i want to see w=10 rad/sec
    I'll search at horizontal corresponding to w=10 ?
    or I will serrch the horizontal on w=1? "log 10=1"?

    waiting answer
    thanks in advance
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