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About chemical engineering and petrochemical

  1. Jan 8, 2014 #1
    I am in grade 12 now and I love chemistry and i wanted to be a chemist , but for some reasons i can't go to science school, so instead i decided that to go to engineering school and become a chemical engineer , but then again i had another problem , they only thing available for now is petrochemical engineering, are the 2 different from each other ? is it worth it or should i just go for it and be a renewable energy engineer instead?
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    Are you in the United States going to school?
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    No, i am no in the us, i live in egypt
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    Lots of sunshine in Egypt. Weatherwise I mean. I hope you can still work on a good education in the more gloomy political climate.

    As to being a specific kind of engineer: don't make a big point of it. A good education at one thing is better than a poor education at something else, even if your work is closer to the something else. All engineers need to carry a big chunk of science and math, topped off with some specialization. The latter can always be transformed to an adjacent -- or even completely different one. Follow your talents and your heart.

    I am a physicist (not even an engineer) and work in a chemical engineering environment, as a process modeller. I am as snug as a bug in a rug there (meaning the work is great and the industrial setting with its haste and money fixation is something I take for granted....).

    Renewable energy engineering was fashionable when I went to university (1971): they did flywheels, windmills, solar, what have you. I am glad I did thorough physics. By now the situation will be much more mature. Get you hands on the study programs you are interested in and compare them. If you insist on prioritizing, use your personal preferences as weights.

    Good luck!
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