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About hurricanes.

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    the meteorologist(I can't remember his name) in tv of USA said that the hurricanes were created by russian with electromagnetic waves.It is a complo theory,what do yu think ıf this claim is true or not?

    and that russian produced machines which cause hurricanes was claimed by him.I'm sorry for not remembering date ,name.but the friends who LİVE in the USA maybe help us. :redface:
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    Fascinating. I always thought it was the french who made hurricanes. -Dave
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    no. nononono
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    but what is a complo-theory ???
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    ooh .right,

    that the hurricanes were created by Russian is a complo theory.Is there any russian who has knowledge about this subject??
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    И адмит ит....И цреатед тхе хуррицанес. И цоулдньт хелп ит. И лоок инто тхе сун анд алл оф а судден....ah....ah....ahchoooooooooo......

    А биг ол снеезе тхат евентуаллы леад то хуррицанес Катрина анд Рита....

    Сорры абоут тхат..
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    OHH townsend,I don't know your language,I only know eng,turkish.If you had written bad things like swearings, already I would not wanted to know!!
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    Not true, it's a bunch of nonsense and it has been discussed in the Skepticism & Debunking forum previously.
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