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About phasor voltage and phasor current.

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    we know that phasor voltage, current and impedence can be represented by vector. we know phasor v is equals to the product of phasor i and impedence. the what is the process of multiplication? is it dot or cross product?
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    I have no idea. Do you know how to multiply complex numbers? If I wanted the voltage as a function of impedence and current. I would express impedence, current and voltage as complex numbers.
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    if complex number can be measured like a vector then why complex multiplication is not dot or cross?
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    Do the calculations in complex notation and see if you have can convert it to the dot product or real valued vectors.
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    The only way I've ever seen complex numbers in matrix form was like so:

    [real -imag]
    [imag real ]

    So it's a two by two matrix, so if you input the impedance, and current into these equations and do the DOT-PRODUCT, you'll get the voltage in matrix form.

    I don't think you can easily do it with a 2x1 vector though. It gets complicated and very difficult to keep track.

    Try the matrix thing yourself. It's kind of need. I think this is a building block on SPICE programs, not sure though about that

    Justin Coulston
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