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Abstract Algebra Textbook

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    I need to buy a textbook for self study in abstract algebra for self study. Although I'm a physics major, I have lot's of experience with proof. I'm between Artin's Algebra and Dummit's Abstract Algebra. Which one do you recommend?
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    Artin is in many ways superior to Dummit and Foote.
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    In what ways exactly?
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    Well Mike Artin is a very famous world class algebraist/algebraic geometer.

    His insights and arguments are very clear and powerful.

    Dummitt and Foote also has some very clear expositions an excellent selection of problems, but i myself disagree with their philosophy of explanation.

    it doesn't hurt to consult both books.

    What bothered me about Dummitt and Foote waS A TENDENCY TO GIVE PROOFS THAT WERE unhelpful for understanding or calculation, and put the more helpful approaches in the problem sets.

    No doubt Dummitt and Foote are strong algebraists, but Mike Artin is, in my opinion, on a very special and elite level. His book gives you the course for MIT sophomores.

    Dummitt and Foote does cover some topics omitted from Artin, like tensor algebra.

    Why don't you read a bit of both of them and see which suits you better? if you find you prfer Dummitt and Foote, then use that to learn, and I suggest graduaTING TO Artin later.

    What do you say micromass?
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