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Absurdism and Albert Camus

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    I just came across this today and found it to be interesting. I don't know that much about it yet, but I thought I would come here and mention it. Here is a quote by Albert Camus, who brought absurdism about during the 20th century in his text The Myth of Sisyphus.
    From Wikipedia's article on the meaning of life:
    It's interesting, because we create such turmoil through our struggles to apply meaning to our lives. Although, life could seem bleak if we removed all of our meaning and just dealt with our absurd situation. I guess dealing with the absurd is the point of life then in this case, although I don't know. I need to read more about this.
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    Absurdity is one of the many spices of life. The benign kind, anyway.

    I can't honestly understand anyone who is so benighted as to try to explain uncertainties away with unproven falsehoods.
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    You should watch Waiting for Godot if you haven't already, it's quite... absurd :P
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