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Homework Help: AC Circuit with Dependent Voltage and Current Sources

  1. Oct 4, 2014 #1
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    I have trouble solving the following problem. Am I supposed to start by doing nodal analysis on the loop on the right. Can someone give me a start. Thanks.... Q2.png
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    For part (a) you can apply KVL to loop 1 and thus can get a relation between Vx and Ix.
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    For second part hint is that you need to calculate current across series impedance of resistor and inductor, by doing so you can calculate Vx in terrms of Ix. Now you have two relations of Vx and Ix , solve simultaneous equations and get the values of Vx and Ix.
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    Thank y
    Thank you so much.. I did the first part now moving on to the 2nd part.
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    Cant figure out part (g)
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    Apparent power is the modulus of the real power and reactive power, total power delivered in circuit must always be equal to total power absorbed which you have to show. The rule to be considered to see when power is delivered or absorbed are:-
    1. When current enters positive terminal of voltage drop or voltage source power is absorbed.
    2. When current leaves a positive terminal of voltage power is delivered.
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