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Homework Help: AC generator calculation question

  1. Jun 25, 2014 #1
    1. Calculate the emf induced in ONE side of a coil of length 0.4m and width 0.3m, when there are 50 turns in the coil and the flux density is 96.8 mT, and the coil is rotated 30 degrees from the vertical. Frequency is 50 Hz and the long sides are the ones facing the magnets.
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    Relevant equations? Your attempt? Please follow the template.
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    2. Relevant equation(s): EMF = v l B N sinθ

    3. My attempt: v = 2 ∏ (0.3/2) * 50 = 47.13 ms-1 ∴ emf = 47.13(0.4)(96.8 * 10^-3)(50)(sin30) = 45.62 V
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    is ^ my method correct. Sorry i am new to these forums
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    Can't find anything wrong, so unless the picture we have of the situation is wrong, that's the emf !
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