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Academic advice for a prospective physics student.

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    Hello everyone, I am a student living in Canada and I am in grade 12. We have finsihed applying for universities. Now the hard part is to decide which one to go to. (I'm thinking University of Toronto, Waterloo, Queens or Guelph). The main question I had is that I plan on going to grad school eventually for theoretical astrophysics/physics. Would it matter if I majored in a normal physics program, or would I have to enroll in a theoretical physics program? Some universities in Ontario (where I live) offer theoretical or mathematical physics but the majority offer just plain physics. I was just wodnering if it matters getting a degree in theoretical phyisics or physics and then going to grad school for theoretical? Any advice would be great thanks. Happy holidays everyone!!
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    Somebody please help me!
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    I would think that the 'plain old' physics degree would be fine for most schools. You can get more specific in your area of study as you move up the ladder. That said, you may want to contact some of the Universities where you think you'd like to go for graduate level studies and put the question to them. They might want to see particular courses on your transcript and it's better to find out ahead of time than to have to spend another semester or two to get the required prerequisites.
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