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Accelerating electrons giving off radiation

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    Since the electrons flowing around a superconducting ring are accelerating they should give off electromagnetic radiation.
    Based on this, is there any easy way to estimate the half-life of a supercurrent given the radius of the ring?

    even a back of the envelope order of magnitude kind of thing is fine.
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    I think the Larmor formula is what you're looking for (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larmor_formula). Note, however, it only applies to the non-relativistic case. I think the article shows a basic derivation, you might be able to generalize to the relativistic case; otherwise you'd have to work from maxwell's equations.
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    the electrons in the superconductor are moving slowly arent they?
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    basically its proportianal to a2
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    It depends on the case; they can be moving essentially arbitrarily fast... depends on the situation.

    Absolutely, and thats generally the case (at least for non-relativistic situations).

    It wouldn't apply well to a normal conductor, but for a superconductor it should be fine.
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