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Achtung baby

  1. Jan 17, 2005 #1
    hey guys
    this forum's the roar at the dorm so jus thought i join in.
    heres a few things that hav been bugging me never had to think 'bout it till i joined the dorm.
    is it safe to add phenophtalien to a friends drink??(heard it can make the urine turn red and is also a laxative)
    how do i keep the superglue wet long enough for the the teacher to touch it.
    Which comercially available drink has the most caffeine content??

    How many times does a normal human being fart in one day?? how is excess flatulence treated??(If ur reading this means u mackinze)

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    At last, some real highbrow discussion... :cry:
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    re: phenolpthalein i hadn't heard that it turns urine red, but an old high school teacher (or textbook?) said it's a powerful laxative. only use just a drop or 2, because it's really strong stuff.

    re: caffeine i did a chem lab in 1st year where we found out the pH of various soft drinks (aka "pops" in canada). coca-cola was the most acidic by a long way (pH ~ 3.0, approx the same as vinegar) so i guess that would have the most sugar in it (sugar is inversely proportional to pH?), if you just want to get hopped up on pop.
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    It used to be Jolt soda pop had the most caffiene. Now I think it is Surge. Mountain Dew is up there too.
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    28 times a day sticks in my head - don't ask me how I know that.
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    Wow! You might want to change your diet! :rofl:

    I found this:
    From: http://medicalreporter.health.org/tmr0197/carstensen0197.html [Broken]
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    Nice one.

    Just make a super-brew; really strong tea with some pro-plus and plenty of sugar.

    Superglue dries on contact, tends to stay liquid for quite a while in open air.

    Asking for a cure for flatulence is like asking for a cure for singing.
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    I'd rather have the cure for singing the way some people think they can.
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    I hear down south they take it really serious ;)

    I read some where that NZ was considering taxing farmers for the no: of sheep they owned. The reason cited was the gas released was NZ's leading contribution to the green house effect.
    Also currently scientists in Australia are engaged in a vaccine to reduce these "emissions" :)

    PS: what the hell is Beano?
    And does a pig really hav a 30 min orgasm.???
  11. Jan 18, 2005 #10

    Pigs have 30 min orgasms, lions have sex up to 50 times per day, and dolphins do it for fun.

    IN my next life make me a chimera of a dolphin, lion and pig. PLEASE!
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    Phenalthalein is a base indicator. Normal urine pH ranges from about 4.6 to 8.0. If the indicator turns pink in your urine, it means your urine is slightly alkaline. This isn't out of the ordinary, but it also isn't out of the ordinary to have slightly acidic urine. If indicator is turning a bright hue of red, then you may have a problem. Highly alkaline urine can point to gastric suction, renal failure, or even carbonate or phosphate kidney stones.
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    yeah but humans are the only animals that are ready to breed every day. (at least if we are to believe a show on the discovery channel a while back) there is no time of the year when the girl humans are "in heat" & need to get laid all the time. i read a thing by desmond morris (anthropologist/biologist, etc) that said other girl primates' butts swell up like balloons at the right time of the month to attract a boy monkey. girl humans, though, have big round butts every day, which is supposed to attract a boy human... every day 24/7. other girl primates are literally flat-chested unless they're producing milk; girl humans' chest areas are more or less the same size all the time, whether they're "producing" or not. so "obviously" it's purely cosmetic/sexual & there to attract a boy human. cleavage is also supposed to make a boy human think of those big swollen monkey butts too. it's some kind of primal animal instinct thing.
  14. Jan 18, 2005 #13

    You just had to go and ruin my fun, didn't you!?!?!
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    On the one hand, correct, women don't have a limited "estrus" during their cycle. There are a few other breeds of monkey that are similarly receptive during most of the cycle (though all primates have menstrual cycles rather than estrous cycles). However, there is evidence that women do exhibit more sexual activity/interest when ovulating, it's just more subtle differences than in other species. Mostly, the differences seem to be in things like their aggressiveness in pursuing men (well, aggressiveness isn't quite the right word), such as flirting more. It also seems to be they perceive men as more attractive during that time of the cycle. Physical changes as described in some species of monkeys vary from species to species, and most mammals rely far more on odor cues than visual cues, so I'm not sure that part of the explanation holds up.
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    It's GOOD to have our very own Reproductive Specialist that will give us the good answers... :biggrin:
  17. Jan 19, 2005 #16

    Of course it is, who couldn't use a woman with a PhD in sex?
  18. Jan 19, 2005 #17

    Ivan Seeking

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    When going out on a date or out on the town, one study showed that young women tend to show more skin when they are ovulating.
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    That's one I was thinking of. I think it was that they wore shorter skirts. I think initiating conversation was another thing they did more when ovulating. Those studies are all blurring together in my mind tonight. On the other hand, there was a really bizarre study that showed there was no effect of stage of menstrual cycle on labial swelling in response to erotic images and masturbation. I say bizarre because, after examining the diagram of the device for measuring labial swelling (or maybe temperature too?), I can't believe anyone would agree to participate in the study. :bugeye:
  20. Jan 20, 2005 #19
    I disbelive the humans are the only non-seasonal sex animals
    dolfins and bonobo [a kind of chimp] are allso sex at any time animals
    and some women do have a cycle when they want more or less action
    based on their time of the "month"
  21. Jan 21, 2005 #20
    1.) What dorm is this? I was in the beer dorm where people use Natural Light instead of water. I find it hard to believe that entire dorms talk about this site, no matter how geeky.

    2.) I heard a similar prank with methylene blue. I think if you don't do it everyday it shouldn't that dangerous. However I think they'll be peeing blue for a week. Anyway, this is not a prank to have laughs. More like a prank for revenge.

    3.) I know that a cup of Mountain Dew has twice the caffeine as a cup of coffee. Jolt Cola and Red Bull probably have more.

    I am not responsible for any acts of massive boneheadedness

    edit: Achtung Baby is an awesome album
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