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I Acoustical absorption

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    What is the formula to calculate acoustic absorption in water? particularly sound in the ultrasonic range.
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    Hi there
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    doesn't matter what frequency

    attenuation is proportional to the freq 2

    there's dozens of hits on google when ultrasonic sound absorption in water is typed in


    time for you to go do some reading :smile:

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    thanks dave

    i understand that Attenuation is the gradual decrease/dissipation of Acoustical energy whereas Absorption is the acoustical energy being takenup by the medium; in this case, acoustical energy is converted to heat.

    Like u said attenuation has a proportional relationship to the frequency. However, there is not really a standard Absorption formula or absorption coefficient.If there was I probably, havent found it or unable to comprehend. From what i found; at different frequencies, the absorption coefficient varies. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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    not whereas ..... attenuation is the result of absorption ( and dispersion) :smile:
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