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Actuator controller What to use?

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    Hi Guy's I am building an Automatic egg turner for an old incubator .I wish to use an actuator and I need a way to control it .The egg turner is basically a set of stacked cradles that moves 45 degrees through 90 degrees and back again ,this action will need to be controlled so the actuator push's the cradles for a set amount of time slowly to reach a 45 degree angle over approx 1-2 minutes and stop ,sit there for 4 hours and then reverse the procedure (polarity) back through 90 degrees to the opposite 45 degree angle and once again sit for 4 hours and repeat this cycle continuously for about 4 months .I would also need to be able to temporarily halt this action and have the cradle sit in a horizontal position so more eggs can be set and at a push of a button restart the cycle .Having minimal experience with pid controllers I am at a total loss as to what to purchase so I hoped I may get help here ? This is the actuator I am looking at purchasing http://www.motiondynamics.com.au/linear-actuator-100mm-stroke-5mm-speed-5000n.html The incubator will hold 1350 eggs ,that's about 95 kg + cradle so it would weigh about 120 kg all up but would only need to push and pull half that weight due to balance ,the actuator is probably an over kill but better to be stronger than just strong enough .Many thanks in advance for your time
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    Your link doesn't show the device.
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    Just edited ,try the new link :-)
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