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Ad on PF

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    Before I logged on just now, I saw an ad for a book:


    I'm not sure what its really about, but it seems kind of fishy to me?

    Is it a crackpot ad? What do the rest of you think?
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    We're riddled with crackpot ads. This was brought up when we first started using the Google adserver a few years back and if I recall, Greg can ask to have certain ads removed, and we had people reporting them for a time, but that seems to have died off, and we have no control over what they place there to begin with. It's controlled by key words on the page.
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    From one of the "reviews"
    I think he was referring the book as a case study in crackpot psychology :rofl:
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    This may not be something that everyone realizes. PF mentors, and members who contributed to PF, do not see these ads. We get an ad-free PF. So it is not as if we tolerate them, but rather, we don't know about that. So we depend on other members to notify us, as being done in this thread, about these ads whenever they seem them.

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    Yeah, most of the time I can't see them. I just happened to notice this one while I was in the process of logging in.
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    I don't see any of them either, but I think that's due to one of the Firefox extensions.
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    themindofgod.net has been banned
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