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Is it possible Earth is just a cell... Gaia Hypothesis?

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    of God? Before you pounce, i'm atheist. And it's a legit theory:


    Could it be, that Earth and our other fellow Planets etc are these cells of God that rotate around his brain, the Sun, which is so full and bursting with knowledge that it scorches us?
    and does it also explains 'God' looking down on us, because the mind and soul of God is above us, as we are rotating around it?
    It also explains why God seems to think he is the centre of the universe, because he is? This isn't a troll question i swear.
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    Planets don't have internal organelles which serve vital chemical functions similar to those inside cells.
    Neither do they possess anything remotely similar to a reproductive process.
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    ... where you left out crucial parts, i.e. basically everything to pull it out of context and construct a religious alternative around the head line. This is not only wrong, it is also a very bad habit towards any scientific discussion.
    No. At least not based on common definitions for the terms you used and even less based on the hypothesis you did not quote properly.
    No. The looking down phenomenon has cultural origins alone, which had been adopted by various religions. It is more an artifact from early explanations for weather, seasons, astronomy, burials and the thermodynamics of smoke, than it is inherent to religion.
    No. It explains nothing. The Gaia hypothesis is a certain interpretation of life as we know it, that's all.
    This part of your sentence is so far from being meaningful in any context I try to imagine, that it isn't even theology.
    Yes, it is.

    Tread closed.

    Edit: I didn't delete the thread and answered instead, because I wanted to address everybody who comes across the Gaia hypothesis. Margulis' hypothesis involves a lot of special aspects. I mentioned the definition of life, but there are certainly more. It also touches the anthropological principle which is often mentioned in cosmology and physics in general. Therefore, and I say this although I personally consider it a waste of time, I suggest everybody who wants to critically deal with the Gaia hypothesis, to learn a lot about the restrictions and meanings of those beforehand, and not to make the same mistake as the OP and convert it into something abstruse and homemade.
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