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Add searched URL address to your webpage

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    I am an EE major, and my knowledge of CS is limited. So, I need some help from you.

    When I search and find some good pages from online, I add them to my Favorites (part of Internet Explorer) from my PC. If I use any other PC, at work for example, I couldn't remember the addresses I saved to my PC's Favorites.

    Therefore, I am thinking of writing a code, like HTML or Javascript, for my webpage with search engine so that any time I find a good site, I can save that location (URL address) and write it to my page as my OWN favorite directly. I would go to online and retrieve them out from my webpage on any other PC than my own PC.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    Mike P
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    So you're trying to write a page that accepts text (URLs) and adds them, in parsed form, to a page. Right?

    Do you know HTML and some scripting language like Perl?
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    Yes, kind of. I want to save the current page's URL to a page, so that next time I can retrieve this site via my web from any PC. If I save it to the Internet Explorer Favorites, I only find it on the same PC.

    I know HTML pretty good, and some other languages, such as Visual Basic, C++, and a litle of javascript. Honestly, I don't know anything about Perl.

    Thanks for your help!
    Mike Phan
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    Do you have a web host? How will you put the site online?

    Here's a thought -- you could get a Google page and just paste in links as needed.
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    Does your host let you use scripts? Do you have a cgi-bin directory?
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    Here they are:

    Other Tools for Creating and Editing Web Sites
    1. Add-Ons
    Enhance your site with ready-to-go features like guestbooks, maps, and forms.
    Editor Write, edit, and run your own PHP files and scripts.
    3. HTML Editor
    Create and update HTML in a simple editor.
    4. PHP Guide
    Learn about supported PHP functions and using PHP with Yahoo!
    5. Text Editor
    Use this plain-text editor to modify existing files or write your own HTML or other
    6. PHP/Perl Mail Configure your account to enable PHP/Perl mail functions.
    7. Perl Editor
    Write, edit, and run your own Perl scripts.
    8. MySQL Database
    Activate, set up, and manage a MySQL database.
    9. Perl Guide
    Learn about supported Perl modules and using Perl with Yahoo!
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