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Adding extra socket share with water heater power supply

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    It is safe to add on extra socket by this way?
    Original connection:
    Add-on connection:

    The extra socket is for light usage only. Water heater is instant water heater without tank. The switch is double pole single switch.
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    Please give me some advise.

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    That drawing really doesn't tell us anything. If you have to ask, you shouldn't do it. If you have a reference book that explains something like this well and you completely understand it then go ahead and do it. My bet is that you will not. A circuit that feeds a tankless water heater will be too large to safely run a light circuit. In the USA we never interrupt the neutral so right off the bat you are wrong (if you are in the USA) with a double pole switch as I am assuming you will use one pole to switch the neutral and the other to switch the hot.
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