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Advice on Aerospace Systems Engineering

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    Hello all

    I have an MS Systems Engineering, BS Computer Science, and AS Engineering. I'm looking for a PhD program in Systems Engineering but with a specialty in a technical area. It appears one possibility is Aerospace Engineering. My academic adviser has not been supportive of undertaking a second MS. His attitude is you've already done an MS, why not go on? Any advice is appreciated, for example, looking for such programs in the Washington DC area.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm a little confused here. Your goal is a PhD in systems engineering which requires a specialization and you're interested in aerospace for that specialization. That specialization, however, requires an MS in aerospace engineering?

    Obviously if you're going for your PhD and it has a requirement you have to meet that requirement to move ahead. Are you saying your advisor wants you to move ahead to a PhD in systems engineering with a different specialization that doesn't require a separate MS?

    What are your other options? How pressed are you to finish your PhD? What do you want to do?
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    Without graduating with Aerospace Engineering, it will be difficult to get into PhD program in Aerospace Engineering.
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    The PhD program seems to be in systems engineering with a specialty in aerospace systems.
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