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Aerodynamic heating on rocket fins

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    I am currently constructing a supersonic rocket and am trying to empirically calculate the heat transfered onto all different parts of the missile body to know what materials to buy. However, I do not know how to calculate the heat transfered onto the fins of the rocket as it travels (the fins will be cut at an angle let's say about 45). In order to properly find this I will need to know the heating rate at each point of flight in the rocket. Is there any equation for this concerning missile fins? Any help would be great...
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    In supersonic flight, fins will be in sub-sonic flow due to the shock produced by the nose. So you only have to worry about supersonic heating on the nose cone.

    When punching through transonic, you might have supersonic flows forming around fins, but hopefully, your rocket will punch through transonic region fast enough for it not to be an issue.
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