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Aerodynamic performance of a double shrouded fan

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    I am using a double shroud fan wheel for our application. what will be happened, if i use the same dimensions fan wheel with single shroud ?. can u clariffy for the same in the following points.

    1. Discharge

    2. Total Head or static head or Dynamic head

    3. Power

    With regards

    K Ilangovan
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    Can you clarify what you mean by a 'double shroud fan'? Do you mean co-axial shrouds, or sequential, or what? I don't see the point of having two. :confused:
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    Double shroud refers both end closed in between vanes are placed
    refer enclosed attachment

    Thanks advance

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    I can't really say for sure. You have, essentially a squirrel cage blower element. I would expect that your performance would decrease because of increased leakage. This is something that normally one would just test.
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    I misunderstood the original concept; I was thinking of an axial-flow fan with the shroud enclosing it.
    I agree with Fred that going to a single shroud would decrease your efficiency. After all, that's half-way to having none.
    Nice picture, by the way.
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