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Aerodynamics of a paper rocket

  1. Feb 4, 2016 #1
    I'm pretty new to this forum but have loved sciences if all kinds since I was young and plan to get into nuclear engineering after high school. Back on topic, I have made a rocket launcher out of pvc pipe that is powered by an air compressor. Ranging from 60-120 psi propelling my paper rocket. Since I'm often bored after school, how can I determine the air resistance and drag coefficient and well the maximum speed it reaches when propelled with 100psi. I know it'll be hard because I have to take into account gravity and air resistance and friction and the force that the 100psi hits it at but anyone who knows this stuff wanna help me please?
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    What is the shape of your rocket? Getting a "good" drag answer here could be either fairly easy or basically impossible without computer software.
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    The max speed will probably occur just as it exits the launching tube. You could try filming it against a stripped background. Estimate how far it moves per frame.
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