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Aerospace and Physics Double/Dual Major

  1. Apr 5, 2015 #1
    So, I am getting close to college (going to Mississippi State), and I know I want to do ASE and Physics (pref. Theoretical). MSU doesn't offer Engineering Physics or I would do that, but on the bright side I worked my ass offin high school, and I am transferring with 33 dual enrollment hours. My intention is to go fly in the Navy, but before that I am interested in either the research or applied side. Comments on feasibility?
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    If your real interest is Aero engineering, I think that theoretical physics may have you spending a lot of time and effort on other subjects.
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    I am heavily interested in both, and I am going Astro, but I haven't declared it yet. Also, I would probably not do any theoretical until Grad School and maybe not then.
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