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Aerospace Aerospace engineering vs. Mechanical engineering

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    Hi everyone.

    I am entering first year university in aerospace engineering, and since I've heard that job positions are limited in canada in aero filed, im wondering if i will be able to work in some mechanical engineering position after i get my degree. ( I know that these two are similar, and even some MEs are able to work on space industry afterward. ) I'd really appreciate it if someone helps me. I really like my program, but i would think of switching into mechanical if there will be a hard time getting a job when i finish school.

    and also, does anyone know how the job market is in aerospace engineering in Canada?! I currently live in Ottawa, but I would welcome relocating as well.


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    I got my bachelors degree in ME specifically for this reason after talking to aerospace engineers at an internship. With the market as it is today, I'm very glad I did because I can always fall back on it. I stayed and got an MS in aerospace, so that I could also work in that field. You can certainly do the same plan I did, but you will have to learn alot of aerospace on your own in grad school to catch up if you want to be good.

    There is also the factor that I took a few aero electives in undergrad, and I loved them. While that might seem like a good thing, the problem was I then had disdain for the rest of my ME courses. I would have had much more fun in the aero department as an undergrad. So do forget to weigh in the missery factor.

    But, then again, I can always fall back on an HVAC job in rough times......so in some ways that 'pain' was worth it.
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    Thanks for the information,

    Are you working in aerospace field now? was it hard to find a job right after you got your degree? I have heard that it is really challenging finding a job without at least 3 years of experience...

    Thank you again :)
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    Anyways as to the actual topic of your post, that's the exact reason I went ME or Aero. Though make sure you can actually get said aero electives, my school conveniently only offered them when I couldn't possibly take them and I'm still curious about the subject. From what I've noticed, there are jobs in the aerospace field, its just more of a matter of where you want to live. If you like the Los Angles area, for instance, I bet you could find something, but if you're trying to get a job near your home town don't bet on it.
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