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Aerospace Career in aerospace engineering with a mechanical eng. background

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    I am a student currently studying 3rd year in mechanical engineering.

    What can be my career options in aerospace industry?I also have interest in doing higher studies.
    What are the courses i can choose realted to aerospace engineering?

    Kindly reply
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    You can do nearly anything in the aerospace field that an aerospace engineer can do, really. Just take classes that help guide you toward the type of job you most want. What those classes are I can't really say since you didn't really say anything about what branch of aerospace you like.
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    wow, an engineer that wants to go in to aerospace, or maybe grad school? this has never happened before!
    =0P just teasing

    anyways, the problem with having so many options is that you might forget to actually choose one!
    I suggest thinking more about what you want to do in aerospace. Heck, just start on wikipedia- one day I started reading about space-x, and found myself opening all sorts of links that eventually lead me to the various engines on different space ships. so I decided I wanted to work on reaction engines!
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