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Aerospace in North America.

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    Just finished my 1st year of my Aerospace Eng. MEng at Sheffield Uni in the UK. Got 85% average, which I'm pretty pleased with, and have chosen to follow the Avionics stream (rather than Aeromechanics).

    Anyway, in the 3rd year I have the option to apply to spend it at a North American Uni instead. Some of the choices are- McGill, Maryland, Georgia IT, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Pittsburgh, Austin, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Toronto.

    I'm looking to hear experiences of anyone who went down this route, or some similar study abroad scheme. Is it considered at all by employers etc? Also, it would be great if anyone had any experience with any of the above Uni's.
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    I know this thread is a bit old, but I'm a Maryland graduate with a Civil Engineering degree. It's a BIG school, but their Aerospace program is one of the best the U.S., so you can't go wrong.

    It's also great because of the quick access to DC if you want to have a night out, and there's a light rail line that runs right through the campus to get you into DC.

    Just food for thought :).
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    D H

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    Barely. Univ. of MD slips into and out of the top 10. The top 3 schools, year in, year out are MIT, Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan. After that, Cal Tech, Colorado, Illinois, Purdue, Stanford, Texas in the US and McGill and Toronto in Canada regularly rank very high. Cornell, UMD, and VaTech are a bit lower down on the list (but sometimes do bump some of the second tier schools down a notch).
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