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Air cooled coil electromagnet ?

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    Air cooled coil electromagnet ???

    Hi. I'm a (very) Junior researcher

    I'm trying to biuld a solenoid electromagnet (air bore, not metal), But I need it in a specific size and most important I have to have it AIR COOLED (by fan or compressed air).

    Does anybody know if such an electromagnet will be able to produce a 4000 Gauss magnetic field?

    I am able to use either a high voltage or a strong current. I have some very serious lab equipment.

    Where can I get Information about this kind of stuff?

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    There is some low cost design software available. I can't recommend any of it, but you can Google. But I see 2 points which raise doubts: (1) You say specific size. Do you mean small (implying small diameter wire)?; and, (2) the requirement for air cooled. Why? Is this 100% duty cycle?

    I'm assuming the 4 kG is inside and you want it uniform. Is that right? How big a uniform volume?

    4 kG is a piece of cake, but I might not be able to carry it.
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    First - about the uniformity, I need the chamber to be 4cm in diameter and the coil should be 60cm long (or two coils of 30cm each with a slit between them), so this will provide me with a certain uniformity that I believe is satisfactory for my needs. (the length is >> than the chamber radius)
    I can use relatively large radius wire and less turns or viced versa, whichever will give me better cooling.

    second - the requirement for air cooling comes from above. we have a "Helmholz coil" system which works fine but is very inconvenient probably because of it's size and power consumption. anyway it's an order from above and I just have to tell them wether it's possible or not.

    Thanks again for your answer.
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