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Does diameter of air coil in electromagnet affect strength?

  1. Jan 18, 2016 #1
    The title is explanatory. I know that an iron core yields a stronger electromagnet. What if you have an electromagnet with an extremely tiny air coil relative to its volume? Does the small air coil diameter effect the electromagnet?
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    The small coil, with the wire wrapped tightly around the iron core, will give a stronger magnet because nearly all the field of the coil passes through the iron. With a large diameter coil, much of the field does not pass through the iron - there is more leakage.
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    That makes sense, but what about air coils? If I don't have an iron coil but rather an air coil. Does having an extremely small air coil diameter (like almost no air coil whatsoever) affect the magnet strength?
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