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Air pressure difference in inside and outside of house

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    Pressure is defined like FORCE/SURFACE [Pa] so the outside pressure close to the earth is atmosphere pressure (101 325 Pa) defined by the mass of air/surface.Why is the same pressure in my house? There isn't much air like in outside...Thanks for the potential answer an sorry for the bad english.
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    Good question, should be asked by anyone who thinks about air pressure.

    Air pressure of 100kPa is about 10 tons/m^2
    The walls of your house can't withstand this sort of pressure, the are like the soft walls of a balloon.
    So the huge force of the air pressing down on the roof also presses down on the air inside to give the same force.

    Picture the air like a pile of bricks on a weighing scale, now put a thin piece of paper between two of the brick to represent the roof of the house, it doesn't change the weight on the scale.
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    If i put a bathroom scale on the bottom of a pool , would the scale read greater less or the same , it would read the same .
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    Not if you're standing on it.
    Above the pool, your weight read, say, 150.
    Bottom of pool your weight reads, say, 75 or possibly much less.

    But I think you were just talking about the scale itself.
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