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B Air resistance that affects jets and people

  1. Jul 29, 2017 #1
    I wanted to ask. Since jets fly at great speed, often even supersonic, I'm curious about next things:
    1) What is the relation between air resistance force and energy?
    2) How does all that force resistance affect a pilot?
    3) What protection do they have, if any?
    4) And purely speculative quesion -- what would happen to a pilot going with the same supersonic speed, but without the jet?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you done any searcher on any of this? If you are under the impression that this is just a Q&A forum where you ask any old question and get an answer, you are mistaken. It is expected that a poster will have shown some effort to answer his own question and will show what he knows so far and what he doesn't understand that he needs help with.
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    ##F_{res}=F_{engine}-F_{air\ resistance}##
    ##\frac{\partial E_{energy\ used\ by\ engines}}{\partial t}=F_{engine} \cdot v_{plane}##
    if plane flys with constant speed, then ##\frac{\partial E_{energy\ used\ by\ engines}}{\partial t}=F_{air\ resistance} \cdot v_{plane}##

    He has to give more throttle to get same acceleration.

    if it is not open aircraft, then air resistance force does not directly act on pilot.
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